My AOL Desktop Gold Does Not Print

My AOL Desktop Gold Does Not Print

This is a very common concern among the  AOL users,  but fortunately, the problem can be resolved with simple steps.  All you need is to choose one of the following alternatives to troubleshooting your problem.  Before you fix the error, it is important for you to know the root cause behind the issue to avoid future hassles.  In this post, we are going to share the simple guidelines that can help you to troubleshoot  AOL printing issues.  

Reason of the Problem 

Sometimes, technical concerns like corrupted files, conflict programs, and printer malfunctioning cause the AOL desktop gold print problems.  With the mentioned troubleshooting guidelines, you can easily rectify the issue.

Troubleshooting steps to investigate incapable to print from AOL desktop gold: 

– Check if your printer is working fine with different projects 

For this, make another record on your PC. 

– Double click to open the record. 

– Write sham content in the record and spare it. 

– From the File alternative present at the upper left corner, provide an order to print the archive. 

On the off chance that your Printer can perceive the order, it implies the printer is working fine, else, you have to contact the printer producer. 

Clear Print Spooler 

– The ruined print spooler would likewise be the explanation because of which you can’t print a report from AOL desktop gold. 

Click the ‘Printer’ symbol from the Windows taskbar. 

On the off chance that you can’t discover the symbol, you have to make changes in the ‘Show Hidden symbol’. 

Erase or drop all the printing occupations. 

Close the window. 

Ideally, with these straightforward advances, you would have the option to investigate AOL desktop gold print issues. However, on the off chance that the issue is as yet not settled, you have to reinstall the desktop Gold programming on your gadget. AOL Desktop Gold reinstall will fix the issue and permit the execution of the printing task without inconvenience. Simply ensure that you erase the recently introduced variant from your gadget first. In the event that the difficulty despite everything exists even subsequent to introducing the new form of AOL desktop gold, you have to contact the AOL specialists and take their assistance in investigating the ‘Incapable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold’ issue. AOL specialists are accessible nonstop to help you, so get in touch with them whenever you need according to your benefit.