AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Update crash

AOL desktop gold automatic update not working bothers you?

  • Regular updates on software make users frustrated and due to this error “Automatic update stops working”.
  • First off, you need to figure out the reasons behind the update problem and then implement solutions.
  • Without delay time; know reasons and solutions!

Reasons – AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

There can be many reasons for automatic update error on desktop gold. This can be:

  • -Maybe the automatic update feature turned off in the Settings.
  • -Some internal issues with the software cause update problems.
  • -Virus and Malware programs in the system display problems.
  • -Corrupted desktop gold program or software is the reason for AOL gold update error.
  • When your system has no enough space to run software.
  • -Some third party software like Antivirus, Firewall stops the software from working.
  • -When software and system requirements aren’t compatible with each other.
  • -Due to an unstable or poor network, you can’t update desktop or software.
  • -Outdated version of Windows stops updating on desktop or.

Rectify AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

If AOL desktop gold automatic update is not working then you need to perform troubleshooting to rectify the problem.

Solution 1: Problem due to the Present of Any Virus

If you are not able to rectify the problem then it might be due to the presence of viruses and malware in the system.

  • To remove virus or malware from the system, you need antivirus software. (In Case, you have not any antivirus software, immediately download it)
  • Wait until the software downloads on your system.
  • After downloading, install it and open it with a double click on the icon to scan the whole system.
  • Make sure you are selecting the whole system for scanning, not the partial system scanning.
  • If you select the partial system, scanning will not help you to resolve problems.
  • Once scanning is complete, it will display a list of viruses that are present in the system.
  • Just select one by one and press the ‘delete’ button.
  • Now check whether automatic updates on desktop gold have been solved or not.

Solution 2: Due to Unstable or Poor Internet Connection

If you have no stable internet connection, you will encounter desktop gold not able to update automatically.

  • Switch off the device and unplug all the cables from ports, clean and insert it again.
  • Make sure all the ports and cables are in proper condition. If not, you need to change the ports and the cables.
  • Make sure the modem as well as router placed near to each other.
  • Now, switch on the device and check internet connection.

Solution 3: Check Compatibility of Software and System

You need to check compatibility between software and system. Keep in mind what you should require to install desktop gold Windows:

  • A faster Computer processor (266 MHz)
  • Free disk space (At Least 512 MB)
  • Secure and fast Internet connection
  • Higher screen resolution
  • 1 GB RAM

Solution 4; Run the Troubleshooter

For that:

  • Go to Start button and click on Control button.
  • Select ‘Troubleshooter’ and click on View all -> Select on Internet Explorer performance -> Select Automatically solve the problem button.

Make sure your system should have a strong network connection for troubleshooting.